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Hemi® Intake Manifold
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Hemi® Intake Manifold
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1953 DeSoto 276 Hemi Engine

» This engine was completely rebuilt in mid 2008 as the “test bed” for the VintageV8s DeSoto 276/291 4BBL intake manifold I designed. This is the intake manifold being sold by Hot Heads.

» No expense was spared in building this engine; refer to the details below. The engine has only about 1,000 miles on it, and runs extremely well. The engine has not been dynamometer tested, but the power is “adequate!” It has a very “nasty” sounding idle due to the camshaft installed. The engine will idle below 700 RPM, at which manifold vacuum is about 10” Hg. The engine runs cool. The 400 SBC that was originally in the car would overheat after less than five minutes idling, but this Hemi has idled in traffic for more than thirty minutes without the temperature exceeding 180 degrees. Oil pressure is about 70 PSI at cold idle, and 20PSI at hot idle.

» This engine is installed in my T-Bucket, and will stay there until sold. Serious buyers will be offered a ride to verify the quality and performance of this engine. I’m in Bradenton, Florida, and can offer delivery to the southeastern U.S. for a nominal fee. Other locations in the U.S. will require freight shipping, which will need to be discussed with the buyer.

» I’m selling this engine because I’m building a 330 DeSoto Hemi as a “test bed” for my new DeSoto 330/341/345 4BBL intake manifold. Because of this, I will be keeping most of the parts that can be used when installing the 330. Parts not included with this sale are: Transmission adapter and flexplate, starter motor, carburetor, alternator and bracket, oil filter adapter, all pulleys, and the headers. These will be the only items the buyer needs to supply to install this engine. The engine will include the distributor, spark plug wires, timing cover, water pump, and balancer.

Engine Details:
1) 1953 DeSoto Hemi block, crankshaft, and connecting rods. The block was electro-chemically cleaned (Revivation process), bored and honed .065”, and decked. A sonic check of the block was performed, and is available on request. The engine is painted with Deltron “Viper red” ($85 per quart). The crankshaft was turned .010”/.010”, then balanced. The connecting rods were rebuilt with ARP rod bolts, honed for SBC (.927”) pins, then balanced.

2) Cylinder heads are 330/341/345 castings with pocket porting, bronze valve guides, and new SS valves.

3) Pistons are custom Ross forged 9.5:1 with Total Seal 1.5/1.5/4.0mm rings. The top rings are of the gapless design. The pistons were designed to obtain the 9.5:1 compression ratio with the tall deck heads. The head combustion chambers were CC’d, and this information was provided to Ross.

4) The camshaft was reground by Chris Neilson with .435 valve lift and 224 degree duration at .050 lifter rise. Neilson also supplied the lifters (hydraulic), valve springs, and timing chain set.

5) Hot Heads supplied the modified 340 oil pump and pickup, the timing cover, the aluminum SBC water pump, the crankshaft damper (modified 340), the adjustable pushrods, and all of the bearings and gaskets.

6) The timing cover and valley cover have been powdercoated silver. The valley cover is a Vintage Speed item that has been machined for an oil fill cap and a PCV valve.

7) New valve covers and spark plug wire covers were obtained and chrome plated at great expense. They are a very impressive feature of this engine.

This is a very impressive looking and performing Hemi engine. It would be a great feature for any street rod.